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Heart & Soul

Heart & Soul was created out of necessity, a necessity to revitalize the backbone of our community—local businesses and their owners. Whether we were born here, grew up here or ended up here at some point in our lives, all of us who have spent time in the city, understand that what makes our home so great isn’t the Amazon grocery stores or the invasion of Salesforce skyscrapers.


It’s the smell of greasy piroshkis from the Russian bakery down the street, it’s the nostalgia of watching a movie in a theater with not nearly enough seats, it’s the abrasive chorus of an amateur guitarist working out the kinks of a song on Muni during rush hour. The true essence of the city is the people and the businesses they built with their hands.


So come and join the Heart & Soul community and connect with your neighborhood! Together, we can support and revitalize the businesses that make our city unique and special. Be a part of preserving the true essence of our community, and help keep the spirit of the city alive!

Valentine Batra


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Brian Lee


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