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A Plant Lady On Ocean Avenue

Over the bulk of the pandemic, folks turned to developing new hobbies to escape the bleakness of lockdown. For Jeannie Psomas, that meant honing her love for plants. A musician who performed in the San Francisco Symphony, the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra and other renown Bay Area orchestras, Jeannie lost her job as live performances came to a complete halt last year. Out of this loss grew her love for houseplants and her desire to share that with others. “I collected so many plants, I was giving them away to friends. And then I was selling them to friends. So I was basically already doing it - might as well get a store front!” explains Jeannie. So 5 weeks ago, Jeannie opened The Plant Lady, a lovely plant store located on Ocean Avenue.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Jeannie chose to open a store on Ocean Ave because of the community orientated feel in the neighborhood.

“It’s awesome - I have regulars now who come in not necessarily to buy a plant but just to chat which is so cool. People really want this neighborhood to have more shops I can tell - it’s very welcoming.” Jeannie explains. She then goes to explain her goals for the shop. She wants The Plant Lady to be a place where someone who is starting their planting journey can come to but also where someone who knows everything about houseplants can also come too.

“You buy a plant to watch it grow, and it’s like a subtle sign that you are going to be there to watch it grow. A reminder that things change and we are moving through time - in some ways it’s grounding for a period that feels so stagnant and bleak.” Jeannie tells me.

I wholeheartedly agree and see Jeannie’s appreciation of plants everywhere in her store. Come by and get a lovely houseplant from The Plant Lady on Ocean Avenue!

-Valentine Batra

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