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Art Supplies, In-House Made T-Shirts And More

On 24th st, amidst the vibrant murals and bustling dynamism of the Mission district, is nestled a treasure of a store, Jenny Lemons. Carrying everything from in-house made t-shirts to art supplies, Jenny Lemons’s products are all artist made. Jenny Linick, founder and owner of Jenny Lemons and an artist herself, explains to me her journey from a student artist at San Francisco Art Institute to becoming a business owner.

“Jenny Lemons used to be my DJ name way back when and then it became my brand name. I used to also teach embroidery so I worked independently and sold what I made online or at the West Coast Craft Fair and other maker gatherings. Then, I decided to open my own store in 2017 and what better name to use!” Jenny chuckles.

As Jenny led me into the store’s back room for our interview, I immediately noticed a mural of paintbrushes, scissors, glue, sewing needles, ruler, strings and other art making tools. I soon found out that this was the room you could attend a workshop in during the pre pandemic days. “We have 20 artists featured in our store and many of them are also teachers that lead these workshops. You can do watercolor and embroidery workshops and pretty much anything for any age! They are all virtual now but still pretty fun and popular.” Jenny explains. Through the coming together of artists that comprise Jenny Lemons, Jenny Linick has created a community of artists and makers.

“The Mission is like the biggest outdoor art gallery in the world” Jenny exclaims

In my opinion, that rings very true. In a neighborhood with so much excitement and art to offer, Jenny Lemons fits right in.

-Valentine Batra

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