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Plants, Art And All Things Fun at Common Space

As my friends and I walked home from a well fed brunch at Eat Americana, we noticed a lovely new shop on the block that we hadn’t stopped in before; Common Space. Inside, a lovely series of plants sat side by side on a high table surrounded by classy stools. Along the walls, all types of artwork hung from woven pieces to abstract paintings and on the floor, cozy chairs and petrified wood pieces decorated the space.

Common Space was started in November 2021 by Anna Beurskens, an interior designer of 12 years who wanted to focus on her art and her craft.

“I wasn’t enjoying my days anymore and just thought, what is truly going to make me happy?” Anna explains. “I realized having an outlet for my art AND my plants would be great. And I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. So I found this gallery space and it all started to come into place!”


A fiber artist herself, Anna creates crochet pieces that are incredibly unique and decorate the walls of her store. On top of her own art, Anna specifically supports local artists. “I am passionate about connecting artists to people that like their art.” Anna says. She has collected art from a multitude of local designers including artists that have just walked into the store from the neighborhood.

“It’s such a great community of people here. I really didn’t expect such a warm welcome from the neighborhood.” she says.

Stop by Common Space on 40th and Balboa St and check out some of Anna's incredible woven art pieces or a wonderful new houseplant! And even more exciting news: Common Space is having a pARTy on February 18th from 6-10pm. Oakland-based artist Fernanda Martinez will be showcasing her art accompanied by a DJ and cocktails - come by and bring friends!

-Valentine Batra

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