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Boba Spotlight: Little Sweet

When I started Heart & Soul, one of the businesses that I wanted to honor was Little Sweet, my favorite boba shop. Among the various boba shops in San Francisco, Little Sweet stands out for its consistently delicious boba tea that creates a short line down the street on sunny afternoons. Now equipped with a parklet outside, Little Sweet offers much more than just boba teas. For starters, they have two other locations in San Francisco on top of their shop in the Inner Sunset. A few days ago, I spoke with Yvonne, manager at the Little Sweet on 9th avenue, that has been working there since 2012. She brought to light another hidden fact of Little Sweet’s.

“We pride ourselves in our fresh healthy ingredients. It’s a pretty long process to make boba; it takes 2 - 3 hours to cook and steam it. We recently added a lot more fruit to our menu as well!” Yvonne explains.

As I sip the same black sugar boba milk tea I get everytime, Yvonne tells me about another Little Sweet menu option: tea. She tells me the tea leaves are imported from Taiwan and are seeped fresh every morning. “We actually focus more on tea at Little Sweet which is funny because our boba is very popular! I think a lot of people think our tea is too bitter but we aren’t going to change it - we want to stay true to who we are.” Yvonne explains. Not only is Little Sweet staying true to who they are but they also focus on using healthy ingredients on their menu.

Stop by one of my favorite boba shops in San Francisco in the Inner Sunset, in the Richmond or the Financial District to contactless order incredible teas! - Valentine Batra

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