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Bold And Sprinkles And Balloons

If you’ve ever walked by Bold & Sprinkles before the pandemic, you were likely to see a birthday party or another joyous celebration occurring. Decorated with string lights and a multitude of succulents, Bold & Sprinkles is a creative event space that was founded in 2018 by Lucille Clark, a former teacher at the nearby high school. After she stopped teaching, Lucille wanted to create a fun place to celebrate life’s moments. “Everyone wanted me to tutor but that’s no fun - I want to be the balloon lady! Or a fairy!” Lucille laughs. The ‘balloon lady’ in question is the character she puts on for kids’ birthday parties at Bold and Sprinkles.

Safe to say Lucille’s vision for a space to celebrate has truly come to life! Since 2018, B&S has coordinated over 130 events including terrarium workshops, bridal parties, outdoor markets and non profit events. Over time, Lucille has hired a couple high school volunteers to help her run events: Sienna, Kaitlyn and Tay.

As with many event spaces during the pandemic, keeping business flowing is tricky. I met with Lucille the day she was meeting with Sienna, Kaitlyn and Tay to brainstorm ideas and projects that could be done in lieu of in person events. As her volunteers discussed projects around a computer, Lucille says to me:

“This is really powered by the teens - I let them do what they think is best.”

In fact, Sienna, Kaitlyn and Tay have organized a writing/art contest that will be posted on the B&S website on February 2nd. They are also creating terrarium kits for kids to sell on the website. Even through a pandemic, Lucille and her teen volunteers are doing their best to keep the art of celebration alive!

To book a private Zoom workshop or buy a succulent gift, go support this wonderful small business on their website:

-Valentine Batra

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