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The Outer Sunset Queen

On Sundays, on 37th Avenue between Ortega and Quintara, stretches a collection of artisanally crafted products and colorful produce stands: the Outer Sunset Farmer’s Market. In the middle of the morning hustle and bustle you’ll find Angie Pettite-Taylor checking on businesses and customers. Angie is a co-founder of Sunset Mercantile, an organization that brings together the sunset community and local commerce through events and markets.

“Back in 2014, Laura and I started Sunset Mercantile because we realized there was a need for pop up stands for business ideas that could stand without brick and mortar. We had conversations with other moms at Sunset Nursery that had business ideas but couldn’t afford brick and mortar in the city.” Angie explains.

Outer Sunset Farmer’s Market was started this year when the need for outdoor shopping became a lot more pressing. “Everything was super crazy challenging at the beginning. Especially with selling produce; you need so many permits. With artisan stands, it’s pretty simple. But there was a huge outpouring of support from the community right from the start. People really need outdoor shopping right now. And they want to buy local as well.”. Angie goes on to explain her future plans of expanding the market. She wants to get permits for more street closures to create accommodations for more businesses that could benefit from outdoor spaces right now like gyms or studios.

Angie is all about being local; she lives in the sunset and her kids go to the local school. Back in 2003, she used to run the Antiques in the Park Fair in Golden Gate park. In 2008, she also founded Cole Valley Antiques which is now in West Portal.

“Yeah, I’ve worn a lot of hats.” Angie chuckles.

Through her many ‘hats’, it’s obvious Angie has been very focused on connecting communities with local stores.

Stop by the Outer Sunset Farmer’s Market next Sunday on 37th Avenue between Ortega and Quintara for some incredible cheese, beautiful earrings and many many more local goods!

-Valentine Batra

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