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Easy, Breezy, And Full Of Fresh Ingredients

On a typical foggy SF day I met with Ariel Ford, owner and founder of Easy Breezy, a frozen yogurt store near and dear to my heart. Like so many kids who grew up in the 2010s, I loved getting froyo after school and Easy Breezy was the ideal destination. With its colorful decor, plethora of toppings and outside bench seating, Easy Breezy is geared towards creating a fun and comfortable hang out spot for kids. “Everything we do is for the kids! The music we play, the toppings we choose, the colors and indoor vibes. We even do tours in the shop for preschool classrooms during career week.” Ariel tells me as she points to an artful poster hanging in the back office that reads ‘Thank You Easy Breezy’ with pictures of students smiling holding their cups of froyo.

When I asked Ariel where the inspiration came from for such a fun and communal concept, Ariel pointed me to another poster: it was a drawing of a store and the sign of the store name read ‘Cup and Cone’ in big red letters. Around the store, families and children were sitting or talking on the outside patio. “This is Cup and Cone at White Bear Lake in Minnesota - my family and I used to go in the summers. I love that it’s a place where you can get frozen yogurt and also come together with people - a celebration of community and dessert.” Ariel explains. Not only is Easy Breezy a fun hang out spot with delicious desserts, they also use the best ingredients in toppings and yogurt flavors.

“I don’t think people know this but we have some of the freshest ingredients and everything is organic and local - we make everything from scratch. I get the horchata from the Mission and the fruit from nearby farms.” Ariel explains to my delite.

She explains that when she opened her first Eazy Breezy in Noe Valley, she realized there is a real need for frozen yogurt made from real ingredients and not premixed corn syrup. In a world where sustainable and healthy food is not always easy to come by, Easy Breezy stands out with their delicious froyo!

Go to Easy Breezy for incredible frozen yogurt at either of their 4 locations in the Bay: West Portal, Sunset, Noe Valley or Corte Madera and support this women owned sustainable business!

-Valentine Batra

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