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Festival Central: Ceiba SF

In the Upper Haight, you’ll find a shop that might surprise you with its modern art and bacl leather clothing: Ceiba SF. Ceiba SF is the perfect place to find your next festival outfit to Burning Man. In fact, the clothing is practically made for it.

“Ceiba SF grew as a business with festivals like Burning Man and the How Weird Street Fair. I’ve DJed at both and I try to channel that same energy into this store. That’s why our store is still so connected to music even if it doesn’t sell records anymore.” explains owner and DJ, Peter Ziegelmeier.

Before Ceiba SF, it was Ceiba Records; a collection of records catering to the same futuristic feel that is behind what the store is now. And before Peter started a record store, he was part of a band called The Real Camouflage. It’s clear music has been one of the driving forces in Peter’s life and the idea behind Ceiba SF.

“We’re all about working with independent designers and brands. We don’t want big names in our store or corporations, we want the small labels that might not be famous now but might be something big tomorrow. We call it slow fashion.” Anat, who works at Ceiba, explains to me.

She then points to a jacket and explains that it was designed by the same designer as Lady Gaga and that although only known by few, the designers in the store make great quality and stylish pieces that would otherwise be very expensive. Both Anat and Peter make quite the fashionable pair and it’s obvious they reflect the stylish and alternative look of the store!

Ceiba SF is open Monday through Sunday 12pm to 8pm and is always available for a Facetime shopping sessions and one on one shopping appointments during this time!

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