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Haight & Love in the Richmond: Love Street Vintage

"I’ve moved around a lot but I’ve always kept the same retro vibe in the store” explains the owner of Love Street Vintage, Graciela Ronconi.

Graciela started selling vintage clothes in 1994. “Back then, my shop was called Guys and Dolls but I feel like that name went out of style real quick” she giggles. So she renamed her store Vendimia (Spanish for vintage). Then in 2008, the economic climate forced her to close the store and retire her brick and mortar. However, Graciela continued to pursue her love of collecting and selling vintage clothes online.

“I grew up going to thrift stores and wanting to dress like Blondie and Cyndi Lauper” Graciela explains.

That fun and colorful retro vibe colors every corner of Love Street Vintage from the collection of fur jackets for sale to the red velvet couch with colorful cushions. Graciela grew up in Noe Valley and started collecting vintage clothes as a teenager. Following her passion, her first job was working at La Rosa Vintage on Haight street.

“The neighborhood was so welcoming when I opened my store. I think since people are more home now because of the pandemic, they are more into their neighborhoods.” she says. Now, Graciela has created quite a community for herself. On the second Fridays of each month, Love Street Vintage partners with other businesses to throw a block party with art, music and other vendors.

Come check out 2nd Fridays or just come peak into the store to look at some of the best vintage finds!

-Valentine Batra

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