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Brand Hub: Post Script

As I walked into Post Script, I caught sight of a plethora of colorful cards leaning against a wall of the shop, each more unique and detailed than the next. My eyes followed the products surrounding the cards and I noticed the thoughtful design and color that was ever present at Post Script. The shop specializes in a diverse assortment of goods from stationery to home goods, and accessories. With over 50 curated brands, Post Script combines modernity and small business to create a whimsical assortment of unique gifts.

Owner and founder Chandler Tang delves into how her journey led her to opening her own store. “I studied art history and have always been a brand junkie. I worked different jobs for the past 7 years - anything from retail to corporate jobs. Many of these jobs dealt with product selection and curation. I wanted to work for myself and bring together brands that I loved.” Chandler explains. As I looked around, it was obvious to me how many products held an artistic component not always present in home goods.

Located in Lower Pacific Heights off Fillmore Street, Post Script is surrounded by bustling businesses on every side. A local herself, Chandler was born and raised in San Francisco.

“I used to take the 22 up and down Fillmore growing up so I was pretty familiar with this area already. My goal was to bring some of these brands to the Bay”.

A women-led business, Post Script combines a local’s love for new design and San Francisco. Shop online or visit Post Script Wednesday through Sunday to support this wonderful small business!

-Valentine Batra

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