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Looking To Relax With A Glass Of Chardonnay? Wine Down With Jaime And Sarah.

Been trying to find a good and affordable wine bar in SF? Look no further! Wine Down in Soma has everything you need. Owned by Jaime Hiraishi and Sarah Garand, WineDown was created to serve a specific need in the market: a bar that serves good wine, is a safe environment for women and has affordable prices.

“We realized we had nowhere to go to for a casual glass of good wine other than overpriced wine bars. There was no ideal place for a post work happy hour with wine so we started to host our own happy hours with wine and then we thought, why not just see how far this can go?” Sarah explained.

Her and Jaime were coworkers at their previous office jobs and then decided to start Wine Down in 2016. Not only does Wine Down offer a wide selection of California wines but also an environment of celebration and togetherness. “We love themes and hosting gatherings; we really want it to be a Cheers kind of place.” says Jaime. In fact, Wine Down has become a bar with regulars, where friendships are formed and events held weekly. Bachelorette nights bring regulars in; the show The Bachelorette is broadcasted and you can play a series of games along with the show. ‘Britney all of the years’ attracts a big crowd of wine lovers who want to celebrate Britney Spears and all her auras.

Not interested in any of the events going on? No problem! Book your own private event at Wine Down and plan a company event, a birthday party or a virtual party at this wonderful venue. This woman owned business has also honed a great relationship with wineries and winemakers who treat the land, the environment, and their people with respect, and they make their wines with little or no intervention. Wine Down pride themselves on creating an environment of acceptance and inclusion. Keeping that in mind, they share part of their profits with an organization doing work they deeply care about each month. So drop by for a glass of wine at this lovely bar with a unique feel!

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