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Right Up My Alley: Presidio Bowl

Growing up in SF, the options for entertainment are endless but a core memory of mine is celebrating birthdays at the Presidio Bowl. Situated in a historic building and neighborhood, Presidio Bowl is so unique for many reasons that make it a fun environment for kids but also for adults. Victor Meyeroff started the Presidio Bowl with his partner, Terry Leong. Both long time bowlers, they channeled their passion into taking over a bowling alley from the Presidio Trust.

“It was Terry’s idea, he called me up one day in ‘95 with this offer. He was a big pillar in the bowling community” explains Victor.

In December of 2020, Terry lost his battle with Covid19. He was an exceptional bowler, competing in local tournaments and mentoring young bowlers. In the past few years, Presidio Bowl has undergone many changes. Presidio Bowl was closed for almost a year during the pandemic as bowling is one of those activities that can’t really be done outside. When they reopened, they had shower curtains between alleys to keep customers safe. A beautiful patio has been added to the front of the building. Equipped with heat lamps and dangling lights, the patio overlooks Crissy Field and the bay.

“I would have added this 10 years ago but it takes a while with government agencies and buildings.” adds Victor. The Presidio used to be an army base and many of the businesses that occupied it have since closed and been turned into residential homes. General manager, Mack, has been at Presidio Bowl for most of his life.

“My dad worked on the military base and I have been working at the presidio bowl since I was a teenager” he says. “There used to be a mall here and even a Burger King” laughs Victor.

Although small, Presidio Bowl has its own kitchen, bar and 12 bowling lanes. The living room feel is something you won’t find in any other bowling alleys and it’s clear the space has been a labor of love for Victor Meyerhoff and Terry Leong. So stop by for an afternoon of fun or make a reservation for a private event!

-Valentine Batra

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