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Start Your Morning At Henry's House Of Coffee

Right down my street on 23rd and Noriega St, you’ll find some of the best coffee in the Sunset at Henry’s House of Coffee. A neighborhood staple, you would never guess this wasn’t it’s original location or business owners. Initially located on Irving St and founded in 1965, the business was named ‘House of Coffee’ and carried a variety of European specialties. ‘House of Coffee’ moved to Noriega St in 1973 and in 1975, Henry Kalebjian bought the business and paved the way for this incredible coffee house with his namesake.

“When I was a kid, I dreaded waking up Saturday mornings to help my dad at the shop. I wanted to watch Scooby Doo and not do mind numbing work like filling 5lb bags of coffee. So it’s funny to think of myself now.” chuckles Hrag Kalebjian, the son of Henry Kalebjian and now owner of Henry’s House of Coffee.

If you’ve had the pleasure of tasting Henry’s coffee, you’ll notice how delicious and unique the flavor is. What sets their coffee apart is the Armenian style of coffee making. “The word in Armenian for Armenian-style coffee is ‘soorj’. What makes it different is the tradition of making it together as a family.” explains Hrag.

After he started working at Henry’s in 2013, Hrag wanted to promote his family’s Armenian culture at Henry’s. One look at their website and it’s safe to say he’s done just that! Out of the many wonderful coffee roasts you can purchase on their website, a beautiful coffee bag stands out - it is illustrated by Armenian artist Apri Krikorian with designs representing Armeninan heritage.

Go to Henry’s House of Coffee website and shop for any roast you like with free shipping for all orders of $30+ or stop by their shop in the Sunset! -Valentine Batra

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