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Tall Confections: A Budding Chocolaterie You’ll Want To Know

Elise Hayashi, a young chef and entrepreneur, has taken her passion for baking and turned it into a budding small business known as Tall Confections. The journey began years ago when Elise's father, a culinary instructor, started experimenting with chocolate-making. He taught Elise how to make chocolates and they spent weekends perfecting their craft. The surplus of chocolates they made turned into a yearly tradition of giving gifts to friends, family, and neighbors.

“My dad was just experimenting with recipes. He had to teach it for his classes and brought it home and was like, Hey, do you want to learn how to do this with me? And I was just a punk kid. So we just spend weekends making chocolates practicing so that he could learn how to make it for his classes. And then we had this surplus of chocolates and what do we do with it? Let's just give them to our friends and our neighbors and families as gifts. So it kind of sparked just a yearly tradition where we would sit down and make a bunch of chocolates together.”

As the popularity of the chocolates continues to grow, Elise has started exploring partnership opportunities and her hobby has slowly turned into a business through social media. Instagram plays a big role in her journey, providing a platform for showcasing her creations and reaching a wider audience. Tall Confections has delicious chocolates that the world needs to discover.

Elise attributes her success to her family, who she says are very food-focused and always brought her up in a culture of food, love, and tradition. Her father, who runs a family culinary school, taught her the importance of learning new things and incorporating them into her craft. The name "Tall Confections" was chosen because of Elise's height and because it is unique and identifiable just like her!

Follow Tall Confections on Instagram to place an order and follow Elise's journey!

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