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The Importance Of The Ingredients Behind Molcaxitl

If you ever find yourself at the Outer Sunset Farmer’s Market, you might see a food stand that catches your eye or maybe your nose since it emits such delicious smells: Molcaxitl. Started and run by Nomar Ramirez, Molcaxitl sells incredible tacos with ingredients rooted in Mexican culture. “We use epazote in our beans which is a very Mayan herb, we use a cochinita pibil base for our rice which is also very mayan but I always refer to it as achiote when people ask.” Nomar explains. Molcaxitl also sources their ingredients from local and mexican owned farms such as Alemany farmers market, specifically Ferrer Farms. Their menu honors indigenous ingredients in more ways than one.

“Our birria taco is made with turkey instead of goat which is one of the animals domesticated by the indigenous people of Mexico. Our whole menu is vegan to stay true to pre-hispanic times and it also gives more respect to our only meat option. We honor the animal by giving it the spotlight as the only meat option and as the most “luxurious” item on the menu since it is the most expensive taco of the three that we have.” Nomar explains.

What surprised me the most from hearing about the work and time that gets put into Molcaxitl is that Nomar and many of those that work at Molcaxitl are college students at SFSU. I was dying to know how Molcaxitl was created and how these students balanced passion and education. “My personal inspirations are growing up and eating incredible foods in the streets of LA as well as at home with all the women in my family [...]. I try to create a space for people to not only have access to those flavors in this community but also a space where they can just connect with their identity and their family in a way.” explains Nomar. He then explained that he crafts his class schedule around the work that needs to be put into Molcaxitl and has given up most of his free time as well. With Molcaxitl being part of the Outer Sunset Farmer’s Market, it’s obvious Nomar’s dedication to community and connection has paid off.

Come taste the indigenous ingredients that honor Mexican cuisine at Molcaxitl at the Outer Sunset Farmer’s Market each Sunday from 9 - 3!

-Valentine Batra

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