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Thee Best Bar For Punk Shows And Late Night Tater Tots

Here is Malia Spanyol and her daughter, River. Malia is the owner of the legendary bar, Thee Parkside; a live music venue and bar in Potrero Hill. She bought Thee Parkside back in 2007 after having worked as a bartender for some time and having owned Pop’s, another San Francisco bar in the Mission.

“We’re a little hub here. ” Malia explains.

The combination of an inside bar, stage and an outside patio has made Thee Parkside a hot spot for a wide range of events from punk rock concerts to work happy hours. This versatile space is what has helped create a large community over the years. Thee Parkside connects with their community by sponsoring the local softball team that plays in the park across the street, hosting weddings and work happy hours, and being your friendly neighborhood watering hole. It’s this same community that has supported them the most during the pandemic.

“Live music is suffering the most right now. We have been able to stay afloat only because we also sell food and drinks but it’s still been hard.”

Malia explained to me that she has applied for 16 grants for small business aid from the city but has yet to receive one. She goes on to explain how loans are just as unattainable because they add to debt that’s impossible to pay back at a time like this. This is why Malia and her staff have come up with some nifty merchandise. Shirts, patches and cocktail kits are all available on their website and it’s an in house affair as well. “One of my staff members designs what goes on the shirts and I have another staff member who has a printing company so that’s where the printing gets done. And another one who created the website as well. All profits are split between the bar and it’s crew.” Malia tells me. That’s how committed Thee Parkside is to supporting their staff and their ‘hub’.

Buy some merch online or stop by on Friday, Saturday or Sunday for a to go drink and snack at this San Francisco staple!

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