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The International Sandwich House: Turner's Kitchen

Every time I go to Turner’s Kitchen, I am delightfully surprised by a new sandwich inspired by a different cuisine. Be it a Korean BLT or a classic Cubano sandwich, Turner’s combines local fresh ingredients with cuisines from around the world to create incredible sandwiches.

“Well I love to travel and get exposure to different cultures. I can bring those flavors back to Turner’s. I read a lot of different cook books too; it’s important to look at the recipes as well as the pictures - it gives you more information about the cook and the culture surrounding food as well.” Ken Turner, the owner, explains.

Before opening his own business, Ken mentored under Judy Rogers, the legendary owner and chef of Zuni Cafe. Her mentorship shaped his approach to cooking in more ways than one. “Working with Judy was an incredible experience. She taught me about efficiency and refinement in the kitchen, keeping prices down and customer needs.”. Safe to say, the refinement of flavors have definitely seeped into those sandwiches!

Nestled in the heart of the Mission, Turner’s Kitchen is looking to stay local and continue to connect with the community that surrounds it through catering and most importantly, the summer bridge program. “With the summer bridge program, students from Mission High do cooking lessons with us through the summer. Really hoping we can continue that next year.” Ken explains. He goes on to describe how amazing his staff is and how they have been the driving factor behind Turner’s getting through the many restaurant policies instilled throughout the pandemic.

Turner’s Kitchen is set up for take away so stop by for an incredible sandwich on 17th and Guerrero in the Mission!

-Valentine Batra

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