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Where Is All That NOISE Coming From?

Across the street from Simple Pleasures Cafe and a few blocks down from Balboa Theater, you will find the one and only Noise record store. A renowned resource for records, Noise was created by Daniel Brown, a local musician. “He’s been a professional musician since he was 14 years old” explains Sara Johnson, Dan’s mother. In fact, Dan regularly plays the saxophone in 12 different bands. “I just played last night at Tupelo and this Thursday, I’ll be playing at The Dorian.” Dan adds. Not only is Dan a talented musician but he is a dedicated record merchant. He is constantly making connections with music lovers by selling and buying records.

“He’s been selling records since he was 6 years old.” Sara exclaims “he won’t tell you but he’s very talented!".

Sara and her daughter, also Sara, work on the retail side of the store, making Noise quite the family business. Although having survived the pandemic thus far, Noise has definitely had to make some changes to stay afloat. On top of a record store, Noise also served as a venue. There used to be small shows in the back of the store and they now have been moved to in front of the store outside.

Noise closed for 15 months last year and their online business really took off since other avenues for profit were disappearing. “Our landlord didn’t give us any rent discounts and we got no PPP grants because we have no employees - it was so difficult.” Sara explains. Through it all, Noise have found ways to stay afloat and remain the local record store everyone loves.

Go over to 36th and Balboa St in the Outer Richmond and check out Noise for some unique records and incredible conversations!

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